10 Best Back Exercises That Will Blow Your Back

bodybuilder displaying strong back muscles

The ultimate back building routine you had been waiting for – best back exercises to turn your back into literal wings Let’s all be honest here, the majority of people are visual beings who can’t seem to break their attention away from other folks, places, and things immediately in front of them – right where … Read more

How To Do Back Extension – Variations And Benefits

girl doing back extension exercise at gym

Most people plan their gym routines around the exercises that hit the muscles they want to show off, like biceps curls and crunches, big lifts like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses are immensely popular too, however, when chalking out out your weekly workouts, it’s important to find room for supporting exercises like back extension that will … Read more

How To Do Spider Curls With Proper Form

man showing how to do spider curls exercise

Spider curls are one of the most effective muscle-building exercises, especially when it comes to arm training. Heavy curls, either with a barbell or dumbbells, are often required to develop a larger pair of biceps. However, a pair of muscular arms that are chiseled as well as big need to be conditioned with a range … Read more