Hip Dips: Expert Guide To Facts And Myths

Hip Dips: The Facts And The Myths

In the past few years, we’ve witnessed trends popping up and disappearing faster than a fighter pilot’s aerobatic maneuvers! From the questionable Waist Training to the rather self-conscious Collarbone Challenge, and even the cringe-worthy Rib Removal process—having been in the fitness game for two decades, I’ve seen them all come and go. Just when it … Read more

All You Need To Know About Incline Skull Crushers

All You Need To Know About Incline Skull Crushers

I truly believe in the power of compound movements when it comes to enhancing the triple S of your triceps: shape, size, and strength. However, it’s undeniable that isolation exercises have their unique appeal. With isolation exercises, you can immediately feel the targeted muscle working. Enter, the lying tricep extension, also known as skull crushers. … Read more

How To Do Egyptian Lateral Raise – Muscles Worked, Benefits And Variations

Man performing Egyptian lateral raise at gym

The Egyptian lateral rise is a variation of the standard lateral raise that can assist you successfully increase shoulder size and muscle. The Egyptian lateral raise, like its classic counterpart, is a powerful shoulder-building exercise that isolates the deltoids (especially the anterior and medial deltoids) for hypertrophy over low stimulus, high rep sets. It’s simply … Read more

Top 6 Celebrity Workout Supplements – How Do Celebrities Transform So Fast For Movie Roles?

Chris hemsworth transformation

It piques our interest when a previously unknown actor suddenly becomes a household name due to his or her performance in a major motion picture. The curiosity is tenfold when the audience notes dramatic physical transformation in a matter of months. Was he on something, like, steroids? If so, how many hours a day was he … Read more