Top 7 Benefits Of Bone Broth

Bone broth

Back in my high school days, when I first heard the term “bone broth” getting thrown around for the first time, my initial thought was um, isn’t chicken broth already made with bones? It wasn’t until I started weightlifting and my coach introduced me to the myriad of health benefits that bone broth offers – … Read more

How Fitness Centers Are Adapting To Challenges Due To Covid

Closed Gym

While COVID cases continue to climb in the North Country, The Klubhouse, located in the Big Lots Plaza in Plattsburgh, has been entrusted with ensuring their customers feel safe at their gym. “Our class attendance has decreased due to an increase in COVID cases in our neighborhood,” owners Kathi Grabda and Krystal Lewis stated, “but … Read more

Your Ultimate Box Squat Guide: Learn Proper Form

Girl doing box squats

Squats will always be a staple of any exercise routine, but if you want to maximize your glute growth and develop your lower body to the next level, you’ll need to mix things up. This is where box squats come into the picture. Consider incorporating the box squat into your weightlifting practice if you’re seeking … Read more