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How Fitness Centers Are Adapting To Challenges Due To Covid

While COVID cases continue to climb in the North Country, The Klubhouse, located in the Big Lots Plaza in Plattsburgh, has been entrusted with ensuring their customers feel safe at their gym.

“Our class attendance has decreased due to an increase in COVID cases in our neighborhood,” owners Kathi Grabda and Krystal Lewis stated, “but our room is large enough for us to keep our distance from one other.”

“Throughout our studio, we have multiple hand-sanitizing stations that we encourage people to utilize. After each use and in between members, we sanitize our equipment. Every week, we also undertake a full cleaning.”


Grabda and Lewis believe their gym should be appealing to any customers who are looking for a safe space to work out.

“Our workspace is open, light, and well-ventilated. We may receive fresh air by opening windows and doors as needed,” they explained.

“We also try to hold sessions outside as much as possible, even in the winter if the weather permits it.” All levels of fitness are accepted and welcomed by us and our members.”


Closed gym due to covid

Limitless Training, which is based on Sharron Avenue in Plattsburgh, has likewise fought to overcome many of the problems that COVID has posed.

Megan Leary, owner and operator of Limitless Training, said, “It’s the epidemic vs. the fitness business.”

“A lot of individuals are gravitating toward working out from home, and a lot of us fitness instructors have had to learn how to work in the virtual realm of personal training.” However, we’re up against startups like Peloton, which sells home training equipment. I understand why people don’t feel at ease in gyms and studios, but gyms are suffering as a result.”


According to Leary, participation at Limitless Training varies from week to week.

“I know it’s been a roller coaster ride for me.” With this pandemic, we’ve reached the point where everyone is becoming sick again. As a result, some weeks will be better than others,” Leary explained.

“One week, you might have two people in your classes, and the next week, they’re full again.”

Leary said she has always maintained her studio sterile, both before and after the epidemic, in terms of cleaning methods and regulations.

“We deal with people who are constantly sweating. “We’ve always swept the floors and cleaned the equipment since before the outbreak,” Leary explained.

“I’ll say that procuring air filtration equipment has been difficult given the precautions we’ve had to take.” Everyone had to wear masks because of the mask mandate, which was difficult, especially when your heart rate is already up and then you add a mask to it.”


Limitless Training does not accept walk-ins because it makes her and her clientele feel more at ease, according to Leary.

“We have greater control over who comes through our doors, and I know how many individuals I’ll be with on any given day,” Leary explained.

“People are also leaning toward smaller, more intimate settings these days.” We can only have so many individuals in our class at the group fitness facility, and people prefer that. They prefer being among fewer people. Is it good for my wallet? No, but when clients are more at ease, it makes me feel at ease.”


Rahul is a sports and performance consultant. Over the course of his 15-year career in the fitness sector, he has held positions as a strength and conditioning instructor, gym owner, and consultant. He is deeply committed to assisting people in finding happiness and feeling good about themselves. Rahul has a master's degree in exercise science and is a certified NSCA CSCS and CISSN.

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