Obi Obadike and Morris Chestnut want to ethically change the supplement industry

Obi Obadike, a celebrity fitness trainer and nutrition expert, and Morris Chestnut, an actor, have recently established a brand-new company in the health and wellness supplement industry under the name Ethical. Ethical Inc. is a natural science-based supplement and health/fitness-focused firm that aims to empower members of the community to achieve their individual health and lifestyle goals. Ethical offers the most reliable and morally sound items on the market in addition to providing free educational information and programs for fitness and nutrition.

“Without more transparency regarding the dangers of these products and more scrutiny over the often-outrageous health benefit claims consumers have no way of way they are taking.”

In a 2015 article in the Hartford Courant, it was said that every week for the past seven and a half years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has found two dietary supplements being sold to consumers that were tainted and could be dangerous. In an interview, Senator Blumenthal said, “The dietary supplement market is a dangerous Wild West of insufficient regulation that keeps consumers from getting basic health and safety information and causes serious injuries and deaths.”

Ethical was founded to be the ethical company that all customers can trust what is in their dietary supplement products based on total transparency of all contents by an independent third-party lab, something that very few supplement companies in the industry are doing.

Obi Obadike and Morris Chestnut want to ethically change the supplement industry

Managing Partner Morris Chestnut declares, “Because I don’t really know what’s in any of these supplement products these days, I quit taking supplements for that same reason. For a long time, I have been hesitant to purchase over-the-counter supplements due to the lack of ingredient transparency. I understood right away that teaming up with my friend and co-author Obi Obadike would give this brand instant credibility inside the health and wellness sector, therefore it was a great business decision.”

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According to Obi Obadike, founder, “One of the unregulated industries in the nation is the one involving dietary supplements. Furthermore, Ethical wants to build a reputation as a trustworthy supplier of dietary supplements thanks to the openness with which we will list every ingredient in our offerings. Every month, our website’s ethical health and wellness content platform publish over 30 brand-new articles on topics including diet, exercise, nutrition, and health.

Our pieces are currently being picked up once a month by more than 400 major media news sites. Few health and wellness businesses can make that claim or even secure such media coverage. Our first objective as a company is to deliver high-quality health content. Additionally, it is a free gift from us to any health enthusiast.”

Ethical is not merely a supplement company; rather, it is a health and wellness company whose mission is to provide all visitors to our website with free, science-based content and information regarding their health and wellness on a daily basis. In 2017, Obi and Morris published The Cut, a book on dieting and working out that became an instant best seller.

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