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How Millie Bobby Brown is Taking on Body Shaming and Keeping Herself Fit

Millie Bobby Brown, the 19-year-old actress who rose to fame with her role as Eleven in Stranger Things, has been making waves in the entertainment industry. From a young age, Millie has been no stranger to the camera, and her fans have watched her grow and evolve into the stunning actress she is today.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, Millie shared how her approach to filming has changed over the years. The actress, who is well-known for doing her own stunts, admitted that she’s become more protective over her body. “I do love stunts, but I do think that now I’m just getting to more of an age where I’m more protective over my body,” she said.

But Millie’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. In an interview with Glamour, Millie opened up about the “stuff she didn’t ask for” when it comes to fame. The actress revealed that body-shaming has been one of the toughest things she’s faced, comparing the negative comments she’s received about her appearance to “cyberbullying.”

How Millie Bobby Brown is Taking on Body Shaming and Keeping Herself Fit

Despite the challenges, Millie remains optimistic and grounded, remembering who she is amidst the craziness of her acting career. “My story is complicated and it’s not like the regular kind of childhood,” she said. “On the advice I’d give to my younger self, I’d say, hold on. You are going to go on a crazy ride! Try and remember who you are and not the people around you. People come and go into your life and they can negatively and positively influence it.”

Millie Bobby Brown’s Workout Routine

Millie Bobby Brown is a well-known actress, but she’s also making a name for herself as a fitness enthusiast. The star has been posting workout videos on her YouTube channel and has become more open to talking about her intense fitness routine. From circuit workouts to bodyweight exercises, Millie is always pushing herself to be the best she can be.

One of Millie’s favorite types of workouts is circuit training. Her routine consists of a mix of weighted squats, chest press, Russian twists, inclined weighted crunches, front raises, and hip thrusters. This intense workout is done Monday through Friday and is sure to get the heart racing and the sweat pouring.

Along with circuit training, Millie also does a bodyweight workout five to six days a week. This intense routine consists of exercises such as planks, jumping jacks, crunches, and squat jumps. Millie only takes a 10-second break between each set, making this workout a true test of endurance.

Yoga and meditation are also important parts of Millie’s fitness routine. These practices not only help her stay physically fit, but also help her stay mentally and emotionally healthy. In an industry where the pressure to succeed and please fans can be intense, having a practice like yoga to help manage stress and anxiety is crucial.

In addition to yoga and circuit training, Millie has also taken an interest in Muay Thai. This martial art involves sparring with punching bags and doing a lot of kickboxing exercises. Millie has also been practicing jujitsu, which came in handy for her role in “Enola Holmes.” Muay Thai is a great way for Millie to get some cardio in while also working on her upper and lower body.

When it comes to diet, Millie is all about balance. She enjoys indulging in junk food from time to time, but she also makes sure to eat plenty of high-protein foods to keep her muscles growing. Staying hydrated is also a top priority for Millie, as she drinks lots of water to stay refreshed.

Strength training is also a big part of Millie’s fitness routine. She focuses on weight and resistance training, using kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells to gain and maintain strength. Her Muay Thai training takes care of toning up her upper body, while her strength training focuses on the rest of her body. Expect to see Millie in the gym at least five days a week, working hard on her strength and circuit training.

How Millie Bobby Brown is Taking on Body Shaming and Keeping Herself Fit

In conclusion, Millie Bobby Brown is a fitness powerhouse who is always pushing herself to be the best she can be. From circuit training to yoga, Muay Thai to strength training, Millie is committed to her fitness routine and always striving to improve. Whether you’re a fan of the actress or just looking for inspiration to get fit, Millie is definitely someone to keep an eye on.


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