DK Metcalf’s Diet Of Three Bags Of Candy – Expert Take On It

One would assume DK Metcalf follows a very stringent diet to maintain his sculpted physique.

They’d be mistaken.

DK Metcalf, a wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, has one of the most imposing bodies in all of sports. At addition to being highly talented in football, he also has an odd diet, which is surprising.

The Seattle Seahawks wide receiver detailed his unorthodox diet in an episode of Showtime Basketball’s “KG Certified,” confessing to a shocked Kevin Garnett that he’s “probably the worst person to ask” about the significance of nutrition.

Metcalf revealed some information about the characteristics of his body. A cup of coffee, three or four bags of candies, and one meal every day is a little shocking.

Metcalf revealed to Garnett that he works out in the morning and then has a cup of coffee about midday to keep him going until the afternoon, or “till like four or five o’clock,” as he put it. He claimed that he usually placed an order for candy (a light flex, I might note) and water at 4:30 pm to tide him over until dinner, which he claimed he eats at approximately 8 or 9. After that, he falls asleep.

Metcalf confirmed that this is his diet. Each and every day.

The top receiver said Garnett, “I like chocolates.

As a result of his consumption of candies like Skittles gummies and Life Savers Collisions, the man in the video below burns NFL defenders and is physically among the sport’s most gifted athletes.

Having a fast-acting metabolism and being only 24 years old, Metcalf has an advantage, but some people are actually built differently. Think about how he would perform on the field if he genuinely ate a healthy, balanced diet.

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Is DK Metcalf diet healthy and sustainable from a nutrition point of view?

I want you to picture this in your mind without associating Metcalf with the sport he is well known for – in other words, how would you feel when someone told you they only eat candies and just one regular meal. When Garnett asked Metcalf what kind of candy he was eating, the 24-year-old said that the day before, he had mixed together bags of Skittles and Life Savers gummies. He told Garnett, who was shocked, that it happens all the time.

We can be sure that a team nutritionist has not given the green light to this sugar-heavy plan. If he hasn’t heard from the organization yet, he might after they hear this interview.

This is also very different from what Metcalf told GQ’s Alex Shultz about his health routine before his first season in 2019.

“It is a diet with few carbs. A lot of proteins and veggies, “Metcalf said. “For example, [my private chef] made me eat a lot of vegetables, three pieces of bacon, and some fruit for breakfast today. I try not to eat a lot of fats and oils, and I avoid carbs and sugars.”

Metcalf is in great shape, which is not a secret. He is six feet, four inches tall and weighs 235 pounds, which makes him look very fit. Also, it’s “highly unlikely” that Metcalf can live on candy and coffee all year, especially since he has to travel during the season and has to be able to get food while training.

Given that a professional football player’s day-to-day life involves a lot of training, it’s safe to say that Metcalf is getting “enough carbohydrates,” which will keep his performance on the field from going down, even if the amount of fiber and protein is questionable.

DK Metcalf’s Diet Of Three Bags Of Candy - Our Take On It

It’s kind of alright if athletes eat candy if that’s what they like, but they should cut back on simple sugars and eat more complex carbs like vegetables.

It’s not likely that the amount of sugar or carbs is what’s holding him back from making gains or performing better, but if he doesn’t eat enough throughout the day, he might not feel his best.

And there are worries that not eating enough could cause the immune system to work less well. This can make you get sick more often, like with colds, and make you more likely to get hurt.

If someone isn’t getting enough fuel, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Metcalf’s chiseled look is not a surprise from an aesthetic point of view. He probably does so much and so hard every day that, at age 24, his body shape may not be affected much by the way he eats right now.

What if normal people go for DK Metcalf diet?

The average person or a lower-level athlete would not do well on this diet unless they were also a professional athlete. Without a workout plan like Metcalf’s to burn off those simple sugars, the diet leaves a lot of nutrition on the table.

There isn’t enough fiber or total protein being eaten to put muscle growth and feeling full at the top of the list. This way of eating can also make you feel tired, slow down your GI tract, and make you feel bloated.

Having bad teeth might also be caused by eating three bags of candy. Metcalf probably doesn’t need to cut down on how much candy he eats because he trains so much. He told Garnett that he trains twice before eating anything. On the other hand, he is able to train at a higher intensity for so long because he is eating so many carbs.

Most likely, the best thing to do is still to have candy in small amounts every now and then. It’s best to let the pro football player running down the field eat a lot of candy every day.

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