Cher reveals her fitness routine, which includes everything from yoga to abs and Zumba

Cher recently showed off her training routine, which includes yoga, zumba, wall sits, and ab workout, and it isnt for the faint at heart.

On Tuesday, the 75-year-old singer shared her training routine on Twitter.

She added, “Just got up from Abs, Zumba, Yoga, Wall Sits.”

But she didn’t stop there, revealing that she had a “step class,” as well as yoga and “various abs” booked for Wednesday.

“WHOA,” she said again.

Cher went on to reveal that her pal Pauli “has a friend” who made a “weird” remark about Cher’s appearance in a recent M.A.C. Cosmetics advertisement, claiming that the “Believe” singer “still moves the same way she did when she was young.”

Cher and Saweetie, the rapper behind “Tap In,” star in M.A.C. Cosmetics’ “Challenge Accepted” promo, which debuted earlier this month and features the two talking about taking risks, getting glammed up, and the secret to perpetual youth.

Cher spoke open about her characteristic jet-black tresses when speaking about the campaign, declaring that they’re here to stay.

She recently told PEOPLE, “[Going grey] is OK for other girls.” “I’m just not doing that”

In terms of her other memorable beauty looks, the actress was glad to revisit some iconic Sonny & Cher-era disco makeup, proving that she still enjoys experimenting with her makeup when the occasion calls for it. “It’s all about having a good time,” she explained. “I really think individuals who are concerned about how someone applies makeup should get a life.”

Nonetheless, her personal beauty perspective has developed throughout time. “It had to change,”  she explained, adding that instead of wearing a full face of makeup these days, you’ll find her with a freshly cleaned face and “hair in a knot, since I’m heading to the gym.””

Cher is also not shy of a little additional glitz, as evidenced by her use of “huge eyelashes,” as she explained before offering tips to those attempting to recreate her legendary appearance.

“I believe that a little less is more, since you might occasionally shoot for it and miss it.”

The key is to “Do life on your own terms,” she continued, adding that if all else fails, there’s always lipstick and long eyelashes: “You know what? You’ll always be a female. You’ll never grow old if you never stop being a girl.”

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