Members at wellness centers are encouraged to take control of their fitness

More than 33 years have passed since Jason Ahrendt first signed up for membership at the Sanford Wellness Center. Over the course of that time, he has witnessed the rise and fall of various workout fads, yet he still maintains his presence, more so, he maintains his exercise routine.

The benefits have continuously been there. In addition, the staff, which he describes as “wonderful,” is familiar with him by name.

He stated, “I stay because of the people.” “I’ve met a lot of nice friends here, whether it was in the group exercise sessions, at the swimming pool, or just lifting weights on my own,” Over the course of my life, I’ve found a lot of happiness there.

Since 1992, Ahrendt has been the sole proprietor of a State Farm Insurance firm located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He is settled down with a wife and two children, and the Wellness Center has become an integral part of their lives as a family unit.

Members at wellness centers are encouraged to take control of their fitness

The facility makes a wide variety of group programs and other forms of exercise, such as swimming, working with personal trainers, and preparing for triathlons, available to people of all ages and with all degrees of experience and aspirations in the realm of physical fitness. Over the years, Ahrendt and his family have made the most of the variety that has been provided.

“For the past fifteen years, on and off, I’ve participated in an early-morning group exercise class that focuses on circuit training,” he added. “It’s a terrific collection of people exactly around the same age range who all get along really well. It’s a lot of fun because we can challenge each other, and none of us get a break. Because of the friendly atmosphere, getting out of bed in the morning is never a waste of time.

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During the warmer months, there is less of a need for people to frequent the Wellness Center because there are more opportunities to exercise outside. But Ahrendt is able to maintain his fitness routine regardless of the weather and despite the fact that he has a lot of other responsibilities in his life.

He noted that one of the interesting things was that the majority of the folks he worked out with did so over the entire year. “No one ever takes vacations during the summers or the winters. In order for me to maintain my fitness level, consistency has been the most important factor, not to mention the fact that it is a fantastic way to start the day. It helps me both at work and with my family; in fact, it helps in every aspect of my life.”

This uniformity is not the result of a random occurrence. Ahrendt now has the means to avoid the monotony that can put an end to many people’s attempts to achieve their fitness objectives thanks to the extensive range of services provided by the wellness center.

He remarked that it was a “tremendous assistance” with regards to lifestyle. It’s possible that I’ll spend the next couple of months swimming laps in the pool, and then I’ll shake things up and start doing circuit training. I am able to keep things interesting around here.”

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