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Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement: Our Verdict

Wouldn’t it be magical if there were a machine that could assist in reducing cellulite and removing wrinkles, and the best part is, you didn’t even have to lift a finger? Sound too good to be true? Turns out there is indeed such a machine that claims to promote fat loss – the Total Body Enhancement machine at Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness’s Total Body Enhancement, also known as the Beauty Angel, has been gaining popularity as a rejuvenation machine that combines red light therapy and vibration technology. With claims of enhancing muscle tone, improving circulation, reducing pain, and enhancing skin appearance, it’s no surprise that many fitness enthusiasts are intrigued by its potential benefits.

Being a fitness enthusiast and a bit of a science geek, I couldn’t resist delving into whether these claims held water. So I set out to scrutinize the information from various sources, my personal experience with the machine and our extensive knowledge base in order to provide an unbiased verdict on the effectiveness and value of Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement.

Understanding Total Body Enhancement

The Total Body Enhancement machine at Planet Fitness is a pretty cool gadget that combines red light therapy with whole-body vibration using the Beauty Angel system. What it does is energize your body, give your skin a rejuvenating boost, and help your muscles recover. Most people use it for a quick 12-minute session either before or after their workout.

You might notice that these machines at Planet Fitness look a bit like tanning beds because of their big light panels and enclosed design, but they’re actually quite different. They’re made by a company called Beauty Angel, and the model they use is called the Beauty Angel RVT 30, specially for Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement: Our Verdict

Now, here’s the interesting part: instead of using UV bulbs like tanning beds, the Total Body Enhancement machine uses infrared red light therapy, which works in a specific range of wavelengths between 580 nm to 700 nm. This range is kind of like the gold standard for getting the best out of red light therapy. When you step into this booth-like machine, your whole body gets a dose of this rejuvenating red light.

Accompanying the red light tubes is a vibrating footplate known as the Vibra Shape, offering four intensity levels. This footplate provides various levels of vibration, ranging from passive to intense, simulating exercises like walking or running. The Vibra Shape platform is designed to be easy on the joints and is considered a 100% physiological training method that engages muscles from the legs up to the abdomen and back.

The science behind these machines is fascinating. They use near-infrared wavelengths, which go about 4 centimeters deep into your skin. This prompts your cells’ powerhouses, called mitochondria, to make ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which your cells need for their daily chores. It also helps your tissues repair and rejuvenate, clears out waste products like lactate, and even keeps the post-workout soreness at bay.

The Science Behind Red Light Therapy and Vibration Technology

Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, has been the subject of numerous studies showing potential benefits such as pain reduction, enhanced wound healing, and skin rejuvenation. The infrared light used in red light therapy penetrates the skin and stimulates mitochondria, leading to increased ATP production and cellular energy. This can result in improved muscle recovery and performance, making it a valuable addition to a workout routine.

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement: Our Verdict

Vibration technology, on the other hand, stimulates involuntary muscle stretch reflex contractions, recruiting more motor units and promoting muscle training. It can be beneficial for warming up muscles before a workout and aiding in post-workout muscle recovery.

Benefits of Total Body Enhancement

  1. Accelerated Muscle Recovery: The combination of red light therapy and vibration technology in Total Body Enhancement can aid in muscle recovery and reduce post-workout soreness.
  2. Improved ATP Production: Red light therapy can stimulate ATP production, providing more cellular energy and endurance for workouts.
  3. Weight Loss and Fat Reduction: Some studies suggest that the vibrations from Total Body Enhancement mimic the metabolic effects of exercise, potentially aiding in weight loss and fat reduction.
  4. Pain Reduction and Inflammation: Red light therapy has shown promise in reducing joint pain and inflammation, providing relief for those with conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  5. Stress Reduction: The vibrating footplate can mimic a massage-like experience, helping reduce stress levels and improve relaxation.
  6. Enhanced Skin Appearance: Red light therapy may promote collagen production and skin rejuvenation, leading to improved complexion and reduced cellulite appearance.

How To Use The Total Body Enhancement Machine

  1. Enter the Relaxation Pod: Step into the Total Body Enhancement machine and find your sweet spot right in the center. It’s your personal sanctuary for rejuvenation.
  2. Customize Your Experience: Inside the pod, you’ll discover user-friendly controls. Navigate through the intensity levels using the left and right arrows, and choose your preferred program with the up and down arrows. Remember, the intensity you select affects the depth of your experience.
  3. Initiate Your Session: Once you’ve dialed in your settings and feel ready, press the start button to begin your 12-minute session. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience.
  4. Wrap Up Your Session: After your 12 minutes are up, it’s time to step out of the machine and get dressed.

Pro Tips for Maximizing Your Total Body Enhancement Experience:

  • Optimize Your Skin Exposure: Forget privacy concerns, there are designated private areas for dressing and undressing. What really matters is making sure your skin receives the full benefits of the red light therapy.
  • Attune to the Guided Instructions: As you enter the machine, a friendly voice will provide helpful guidance on how to use the device and make adjustments as needed.
  • Fine-Tune Your Preferences: You have some room for customization, including fan speed, music selection, and intensity. The intuitive voice guide and straightforward menus make it a breeze to tailor your session.
  • Start Gradually: If you’re new to this experience, consider beginning with lower intensity settings to ease into it.
  • Stay Consistent: To achieve the best results, aim to use the Total Body Enhancement machine multiple times a week. With each session taking just 12 minutes, it’s convenient to make it a regular part of your wellness routine.

The Importance of Consistent Use

While the benefits of Total Body Enhancement are promising, it’s essential to maintain consistent use to maximize its effects. Regular sessions, combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine, can lead to noticeable improvements in muscle tone, skin appearance, and overall well-being.

Considerations and Precautions

  1. Black Card Membership Requirement: The Total Body Enhancement machines are exclusively available to Planet Fitness Black Card members, limiting access for regular members.
  2. Weight Limit and Health Conditions: Individuals with pacemakers, recent surgeries, or certain medical conditions may need to avoid using the machines. Additionally, there is a weight limit of 300 lbs for the platform.
  3. Eye Protection: While the red light used in the machines is not harmful to the eyes, individuals with light sensitivity or discomfort may opt for eye protection.

Final Verdict

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement, with its combination of red light therapy and vibration technology, offers promising benefits for muscle recovery, skin rejuvenation, and overall well-being. The science behind red light therapy and vibration supports the potential positive effects of the Beauty Angel system.

Now, let’s get real about my personal journey with the Total Body Enhancement machine and whether it made a noticeable difference in my body.

Honestly, in terms of appearance, weight, or those pesky fine lines, I didn’t see any major changes. The only visible transformations that did happen were the result of some adjustments I made in my daily routine. I upped my game with a well-balanced diet, hitting the weights at the gym six days a week, and ensuring I got a solid eight hours of sleep. So, it’s crystal clear that any tweaks in my physique came from the choices I made in my lifestyle.

I know this might not be the news you were hoping for, but trust me, after two decades in the fitness game, I’ve seen plenty of trends come and go. The unwavering truth is that the real deal for long-lasting weight loss is a combo of nutritious eating and regular exercise.

Nevertheless, I’ve got to give props to the Total Body Enhancement machine for being a sweet 12-minute mood lifter. I throw it into my routine either before or after my workouts, without any particular schedule. Health isn’t just about the body; it’s also about the mind and the heart.

So, folks, let’s not kid ourselves – the Total Body Enhancement machine isn’t some magic wand that erases pounds, inches, and cellulite. If you’re chasing those fitness dreams, the old-school weight machines and cardio equipment at the gym are your best pals.

Also, it is crucial to note that individual results may vary, and consistent use, combined with a healthy lifestyle, is essential for noticeable improvements. The requirement of a Black Card membership may limit accessibility for some individuals, making it necessary to consider the overall value of the membership for individual fitness goals.


Rahul is a sports and performance consultant. Over the course of his 15-year career in the fitness sector, he has held positions as a strength and conditioning instructor, gym owner, and consultant. He is deeply committed to assisting people in finding happiness and feeling good about themselves. Rahul has a master's degree in exercise science and is a certified NSCA CSCS and CISSN.

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