The mom who used to be overweight is completely unrecognizable after losing 112 pounds and becoming a bodybuilder.

It’s difficult to believe this Australian mom was once overweight as she walks on stage in a slinky bikini revealing her ripped body.

Jodie Marquardt, 46, was on the verge of Type 2 diabetes and weighed 232 pounds at her heaviest, prompting her to begin exercising and give up takeaways.

Starting with daily walks, the financial advisor gradually pushed herself out of her comfort zone until she appeared on stage in September 2021.

Jodie, from Townsville, Australia, now appears to be ten years younger and weighs a healthy 120 pounds.

“I never thought I’d enter a bodybuilding competition in my life,” she said.

“However, after reaching my goal weight of 154 pounds in nine months by eating fresh, wholesome foods, going for daily walks, and working out at the gym — I decided to push myself even further.”

“People say the transformation has made me look ten years younger, but more importantly, I feel ten years younger.”

“I have a lot more energy now, and I’m excited to get out of my comfort zone.”

Jodie used to eat a large pepperoni pizza and a family size block of chocolate on a regular basis before she lost weight.

middle age overweight lady

“I used to try to fool people by eating a salad in public and then stuffing my face with junk in private,” she adds.

“I had tried many fad diets in the past, but this time I was serious because my health was at stake.”

“I decided to take a different approach, changing one habit at a time before moving on to the next, rather than changing everything at once and giving up when it became too difficult.”

“Instead of eating junk food every day, I reduced it to two days per week, and then to zero.”

“I started walking every day, only 1.2 miles at first, which left me a sweaty mess.”

“I knew it would be a difficult road to better health, but I was determined to take it.”

Jodie had a breast reduction and lift, as well as skin removal on her stomach, in November 2019.

Jodie then discovered a bodybuilding competition on social media, which inspired her to refine her physique.

Jodie began training for the competition in January 2020, and within months she had chiselled abs.

“I used to be curvy and busty, and I wore a J up bra at my heaviest,” she explained.

“It’s amazing how much more mobile I am now that I don’t have the larger bust and stomach – even small things like being able to tie my laces.”

“It’s a constant pleasure to be able to move freely and be at ease in my own skin.”

“The competition training was intense, consisting of an hour of cardio in the morning followed by two hours of weight training after work five days a week.”

middle age lady lost weight

Despite not placing at the ICN Tropix competition, Jodie remains upbeat and plans to compete again.

“I am very proud of what I have accomplished; the best part is the change in mindset,” she said.

“Rather than opening a bag of crisps, I approach things with positivity by pausing and dealing with setbacks.”

“Even on cheat days, I opt for healthier options like steak and salad over a KFC takeaway.”

“I hope my story demonstrates that anything is possible.”

“I am a woman in my forties with a career, a family, and a home to manage.”

“It’s not impossible; it just takes perseverance.”

“From 42 to 46, I changed my life for the better, and other women can do the same.”

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