You are currently viewing IFBB Pro League: Latest Results and Upcoming Events Unveiled

IFBB Pro League: Latest Results and Upcoming Events Unveiled

On the weekend of June 17-18, Alicante, Spain, hosted the 2023 Empro Classic Pro, a prominent bodybuilding show showcasing two men’s and four women’s IFBB Pro League divisions. The highlight of the event was the Men’s Open category, triumphed by Michal “Križo” Križánek, earning him qualification for the upcoming 2023 Mr. Olympia contest scheduled to be held in Orlando, FL, from November 2nd to 5th.

The IFBB Pro League commenced its activities in March, featuring the prestigious 2023 IFBB Pro League Arnold Classic USA MBB. The competition also saw remarkable victories by German Pastor Cueto in Classic Physique, Romana Skotzen in Women’s Physique, Jennifer Zienert in Figure, Ivanna Escandar in Bikini, and Leonida Ciobu in Wellness categories.

Exciting Outcome of the 2023 Empro Classic Pro

Discover the Top 15 Rankings for Each Division at the 2023 Empro Classic Pro, Courtesy of the Official IFBB Pro League Website.

Men’s Open

  • Michal Križánek (Slovakia)
  • Andrea Presti (Italy)
  • Wellington Fernando Baptista (Brazil)
  • Jose Manuel Munoz (Spain)
  • Roman Fritz (Germany)
  • Petar Klancir (Croatia)
  • Joan Pradells Martinez (Spain)
  • Krystian Wolski (Poland)
  • Emir Omeragic (Germany)
  • Jorge Zamorano Avila (Spain)

Classic Physique

  • German Pastor Cueto (Spain)
  • Antoine Loth (Spain)
  • David Martinez Campos (Spain)
  • Jhon Duque Montoya (Spain)
  • Francisco Navarro Hernandez (Spain)
  • Lucas Alexander Guido (Germany)
  • Junior Javorski (Brazil)
  • Andre Gerstner (Germany)
  • Joan Canngieter (Aruba)
  • Jonathan Moreno (Spain)
  • Djallal Feidi (France)
  • Abraham Rodriguez (Spain)
  • Camilo Diaz (USA)
  • Emanuele Ricotti (Italy)
  • Ryan Cartwright (United Kingdom)

Women’s Physique

  • Romana Skotzen (United Kingdom)
  • Birgit Andersch (Austria)
  • Yaiza Miranda Gonzalez (Spain)
  • Sanna Nupponen (Finland)
  • Uta Koehler-Spitzbart (Germany)
  • Hayley Brylewski (England)
  • Mar Ruiz (Spain)
  • Carolina Fernandez (Spain)
  • Marina Kassinopoullou (Cyprus)
  • Jennifer Zienert (Germany)


  • Nadine Claudia Huber (Germany)
  • Rejoice Godwin (Spain)
  • Adela Ondrejovicova (Slovakia)
  • Daiane Aparecida de Freitas (Brazil)
  • Hannah Prause (Germany)
  • Anna Kochkar (Ukraine)
  • Helen Zavitsanou (Greece)
  • Paula Ranta (Finland)
  • Erin Thomson (Scotland)
  • Manon Dutilly (France)
  • Carmen Garcia Penalver (Spain)
  • Jeanne Kassel (Germany)
  • A.C Fortuin (The Netherlands)
  • Jenny Kurth (Germany)


  • Ivanna Escandar (Spain)
  • Cristobalina Pajares (Spain)
  • Sofia Maudos Pia (Spain)
  • Claudia Clemente (Portugal)
  • Kristina Brunauer (Austria)
  • Lisa Reith (Germany)
  • Anna Setlak (Italy)
  • Aneta Szoltysek (Poland)
  • Ines Gentil Das Neves (Portugal)
  • Marina Zhekova Marinova (Spain)
  • Kerolana Tamires D.L De Sousa (Brazil)
  • Julie Miljkov (Denmark)
  • Shuhui Fan (China)
  • Sarah Ait Lamkadem (France)


  • Leonida Ciobu (Moldova)
  • Sandra Colorado Acal (Spain)
  • Carolina Santana (Brazil)
  • Lisa Meiswinkel (Germany)
  • Ruth Petizco (Spain)
  • Teresa Maria Sina (Angola)
  • Alexandria Maria da Silva (Spain)
  • Catia Moreira (Portugal)
  • Carlotta Tonelli (Italy)
  • Katia Hermes (Brazil)
  • Ana Amante (Spain)
  • Diana Carlomagno (Italy)
  • Kihara Martinez M. (Chile)
  • Susy Rosero (Colombia)
  • Lara Fernandez (Spain)
IFBB Pro League: Latest Results and Upcoming Events Unveiled

Upcoming Events in the League’s Calendar in July:

  • 2023 IFBB PRO LEAGUE ORLANDO PRO MBB will be held on 1st July in Orlando, Florida, USA.
  • Mark your Calendar for the 2023 IFBB Pro League Mr. Big Evolution Pro MBB in Estoril, Portugal on 7/9/23.
  • Save yet another Date for the 2023 IFBB Pro League Vancouver Pro MBB in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on 7/15-16/23.
  • Reserve Your Spot on the Calendar for the Thrilling 2023 IFBB Pro League Chicago Pro MBB in Chicago, Illinois, USA, on 7/21-22/23.
  • Don’t Miss the 2023 IFBB Pro League Bigman Spain Pro Show MBB in Benidorm, Spain, on 7/29-30/23.

Michal Križo Sets Sights on September Comeback, Opts Out of 2023 Arnold Classic

In a captivating video uploaded to his YouTube channel on January 10, 2023, Michal Križo offered an intriguing glimpse into his strategic plans for the upcoming 2023 calendar year. Among the array of fascinating revelations, one stood out prominently: Križo disclosed his decision to forego participation in the highly anticipated 2023 Arnold Classic, scheduled to take place in Columbus, Ohio, this March. This choice stems from his unwavering dedication to honing his training regimen and addressing perceived areas of improvement.

IFBB Pro League: Latest Results and Upcoming Events Unveiled

Križo, not guaranteed a spot in the 2023 Mr. Olympia, must secure his entry by winning an IFBB Pro League show under the revised qualification system. However, he recognizes the crucial role of rest in enhancing his previous Olympia performance. Rest becomes the foundation for his future growth and development in pursuit of his goals.

“I will have to pick [my next IFBB Pro League show] smart,” Križo said. “I wasn’t happy with my conditioning at the [2022] Olympia because I know I can come in more conditioned than that. I was already too tired.”

While he refrained from providing exact details regarding his next competition following his decision to decline the Arnold Classic invitation, he did mention several possibilities. Notably, he mentioned the Arnold Classic UK contest, scheduled for September 2023 as part of the newly renamed Experience With Sports Festival UK (formerly known as the Arnold Sports Festival UK). Additionally, Križo engaged in speculation about the future of his bodybuilding journey, leaving room for anticipation and excitement.

“I don’t know yet,” said Križo of his plans. “I’d like to do the Arnold Classic UK. I’ll definitely do the [2023] EVLS Prague Pro, but this time it’s only after the Olympia, two weeks after. [The Arnold Classic UK] is usually in September. The [2023] Olympia will be in November, I think. That [Arnold Classic UK] should be at the end of September. I will have to choose at least two to three shows. There is no guarantee that I would win the very first one.”


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