The 5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cruciferous Vegetables

assorted cruciferous vegetables

We all know that veggies should be an integral part of any diet, but are they all created equal? What about cruciferous vegetables? What Are Cruciferous Vegetables? Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, bok choy, arugula, Brussels sprouts, collards, watercress, and radishes are all examples of cruciferous vegetables. Fun fact: The term “cruciferous” refers to members of … Read more

All You Need To Know About The Pegan Diet

assorted food items part of a pegan diet

If you’ve come across the term “pegan diet” and are confused what on God’s green earth is this now, this post is just for you. The pegan diet, created by Mark Hyman, M.D., is a hybrid which combines the ideals of the paleo diet with veganism. This diet, which is made up mostly of plant … Read more

Top 7 Natural Muscle Relaxers

assortment of natural muscle relaxers

Muscle spasms and pains are a typical problem for many people, regardless of age. The muscles become rigid, tense, and frequently painful as a result of the accompanying contractions. However, herbal or natural muscle relaxers are a better option for reducing discomfort. This is especially true for people who wish to avoid the negative effects … Read more

Your Complete Guide To Fat Loss – How To Lose Weight

Girl trying to lose weight

Why am I gaining weight? Your favorite pair of pants used to zip easily, but lately you can barely get them over your hips, and since you haven’t surely done anything differently, you’re probably wondering, “why am I gaining weight? Is it time to go for fat loss?” Do you feel as if you’re gaining … Read more

Why Does Pre Workout Make You Itch?

man taking pre workout

If you’ve ever used a pre-workout supplement to get you pumped for a hard workout, then you’ve probably felt prickling or itching sensations on your skin: your face gets itchy and your hands and feet feel tingly. However, while this is usually a harmless incident that fades as soon as you begin pumping out reps, … Read more