After having trouble with the weigh-in, Horse MD moves to the men’s open

Marcello De Angelis, one of Brazil’s most promising bodybuilding prospects, intends to prioritize his health moving forward in the sport.  De Angelis recently declared on Instagram that he will enter Men’s Open bodybuilding and that he will bring the “best physique of his life.”

Often known as Horse MD, Marcello De Angelis is a rising star in the bodybuilding industry, he missed the weight for the classic physique division at this past weekend’s Expo Pro Super Show in Brazil. He weighed in at 104.8 kilos when he was supposed to weigh 101 due to his height to a weight restriction, making him roughly 231 pounds. He had been participating in Classic Physique, however, he recently declared that he would switch to Men’s Open due to the controversy surrounding his weigh-in at his most recent competition.

After having trouble with the weigh-in, Horse MD moves to the men's open

Since receiving his Pro Card the previous year, De Angelis has been eagerly awaited. Horse MD was critically dehydrated after being hospitalized for a sickness a few weeks ago. He received treatment with a Saline drip to deal with the dehydration even though the infection itself is unknown. De Angelis missed his stage appearance in Brazil after this stint in the hospital because he was underweight.

In the Musclecontest Brazil, Horse MD was planned for Classic Physique but finished too overweight for his height. He was to weigh less than 101 kg, but weighed 104.8 instead, over seven pounds over the limit. Many people were left speculating as to whether Horse MD will reduce his weight or advance.

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Since receiving his Pro card the previous year, De Angelis, also known as Horse M.D., has kept fans waiting as he worked to make a statement in the Classic Physique division. Given that he received the aforementioned Pro card in the Men’s Open division at the 2021 Expo Super Show, his fan base was confused as to which division he actually belonged to. He generated a lot of enthusiasm thanks to his great conditioning and his relatively simple execution of the vacuum stance.

All indicators pointed to dominance at the 2022 Expo Super Show this year, but De Angelis was admitted to the hospital prior to the event due to a crippling sickness. The Brazilian native said that as a result, he shed nine kg (19.8-pounds). He received treatment with a Saline drip, according to De Angelis, to cope with severe dehydration.

Despite all the obstacles, De Angelis has made it plain that he intends to transition into Men’s Open bodybuilding soon.

Horse MD Declares Switch To Men’s Open

On Thursday, Horse MD made the announcement of his shift to the Men’s Open through his Instagram account. As a result of the controversy surrounding his weigh-in at his most recent show, this decision was made public after it was put out.

Horse MD won the title of Mr. Universe in the past, and he still has a lot more to do. In addition, he was awarded the Panamericano championship, as well as two Sulamericano titles and four gold medals at the Brasileiro competition. Many people believed that De Angelis would have a significant influence on the Classic Physique division because to the aesthetic features he possessed, specifically his narrow waist and broad shoulders.

De Angelis went on to say that his family did not support his plan to reduce his weight, particularly after the infection. Now that he is competing in the Men’s Open, he has high hopes for his future.

The condition of being overly dehydrated is a serious one that can harm anyone, including the most famous bodybuilders. Ronnie Coleman, a former bodybuilder who has won the Mr. Olympia title eight times, recently discussed his brush with death during the 2001 competition, which was caused by extreme dehydration.

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