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Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival returns to Miami After COVID Hiatus

The world’s largest strength and fitness competition has returned to South Florida after being canceled due to COVID-19 last year.

This weekend is the 10th Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami.

The event, which is larger than the annual World CrossFit Games, has drawn 2,500 athletes from 25 different countries to compete in 48 divisions in various age brackets.

There are eight main events for both men and women on land and in the water that test the mind and body, pushing competitors to their breaking point in order to keep going.

Following last year’s cancellation, Wodapalooza athletes stated that they could not wait for the event this year.

“Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. You can tell this is the highlight. “This is what so many of the competitors train for every year,” said five-time CrossFit champion Mat Fraser. “It’s the tenth anniversary. It’s just nice to see everyone’s faces again, and everyone gets together — friends and family. Everyone gets a chance to compete; it’s been incredible.”

“CrossFit, Wodapalozza, and NOBULL fit so well together because everyone wants to be better,” said event sponsor Marcus Wilson. “Training, hard work, not making excuses, and being the best version of yourself is something that just lives and breathes.”


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