You are currently viewing TikTok’s ‘Hot Girl Walk’ Trend, Can It Boost Your Mood And Fitness?

TikTok’s ‘Hot Girl Walk’ Trend, Can It Boost Your Mood And Fitness?

The “Hot Girl Walk” craze that has been going viral on TikTok might be exactly what the doctor ordered if you’re searching for a strategy to boost both your physical health and your confidence.

TikTok influencer Mia Lind, who was attending the University of Southern California for her undergraduate studies in communications at the time, is the brains behind this social media sensation, which began during the pandemic.

In an interview with HuffPost, Lind revealed that the inspiration for the business came to her when she was trying to find a way to get more exercise that she enjoyed doing. Her choice of activity was walking because she believed that doing so would provide her with a “meditative element.”

On the other hand, she became aware that walking had a negative connotation linked to it because many people consider it to be an ineffective type of physical activity. She came up with the idea of “rebranding” it as the “Hot Girl Walk” as a means of overcoming this challenge.

What is the TikTok “Hot Girl Walk?”

Lind displays a series of before and after images of herself in her explanatory video, illustrating the remarkable improvements that walking has brought about in her physical appearance. She reveals that the “Hot Girl Walk” is what she did to obtain such wonderful results, adding that it is “very straightforward” and “there’s really only one step.”

TikTok's 'Hot Girl Walk' Trend, Can It Boost Your Mood And Fitness?

The actual act of walking is surprisingly easy to perform. You walk anything between two and four miles every day, for approximately an hour. You choose to listen to inspiring music or podcasts while you are out for your stroll.

According to what she says, the most important part of the walk is what you do throughout it. You are only permitted to consider the following three things:

  1. Things you’re grateful for
  2. Your goals and how you’re going to achieve them
  3. How hot you are

She goes on to explain that participants in the “Hot Girl Walk” should try their best to clear their minds of any relationship issues while they are doing the exercise. In the event that you find yourself thinking about it, she suggests turning up the volume on your music playlist in order to obliterate the thought.

The fact that it does not terminate when the walk finishes is, nevertheless, the aspect of the walk that is the most significant.

Lind explains that in order to maintain that level of energy throughout the day, “you take it with you and carry it with you.”

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Potential Physical And Mental Health Benefits Of ‘Hot Girl Walk’ Trend

The “Hot Girl Walk” may have a number of advantages for one’s physical well-being, according to Dr. John Higgins, professor of medicine at The McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas.

He stated, “It’s easy to obtain the other 2,000 steps in the remaining hours of the day. Walking 2 to 4 miles (4,000-8,000 steps) every hour is a terrific path toward your 10,000 steps a day.”

He added that increasing your vitamin D production while exercising outside can help to contribute to strong bones.

He added that positive music can help you maintain healthy blood pressure and lower your risk of heart disease because it has been related to increased vascular function while you exercise.

There are other advantages for mental health as well, according to Roxana Ehsani, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, a board-certified sports dietitian and national media spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Exercise increases endorphins, which are feel-good hormones that can elevate mood, lessen stress and concern, and generally improve mental health, according to Ehsani. “Positive self-talk will also improve your mood and overall mental wellness,” says the author.

According to Melissa L. Bates, PhD, FAPS, associate professor of health and human physiology, internal medicine, and paediatrics at the University of Iowa, “There is no doubt that components of Mia’s approach will increase physical and mental health,” citing many of the same arguments as her colleagues.

She concluded, “Exercise is a cornerstone of good mental health, and a program like Mia’s could have very significant mental advantages.

Why The “Hot Girl Walk” Benefits Health In A Positive Way

The “Hot Girl Walk’s” potential to improve one’s general health was largely praised by the specialists who spoke about it.

It’s a win-win situation, according to Higgins, because you get a mental and physical boost from exercising and thinking positively.

He also loved how it combined thinking about the “3 G’s”—gratitude, goals, and good looks/inner glow—with physical activity.

TikTok’s ‘Hot Girl Walk’ Trend, Can It Boost Your Mood And Fitness?

The “Hot Girl Walk,” according to Higgins, is a workout he would also suggest for younger kids.

Positive self-talk and being appreciative will undoubtedly assist her even at a young age, he added. “My daughter, who is 7 years old, wears a Fitbit Ace 3 to measure her 10,000 steps a day,” he said.

Ehsani praised it as well, stating that while it doesn’t promote anything unhealthy or unrealistic, it does encourage physical exercise and teaches people in an entertaining way.

The majority of the week, an achievable aim is to run 2 to 4 miles. One might simply begin with just 1 mile and increase from there, she noted.

I like that her challenge involves exercise as a component of other healthy lifestyle practises rather than placing the emphasis solely on exercise, which may be demoralising and overwhelming to some individuals, Bates said. In contrast to exercising out of need, people are more likely to exercise when they are doing something they enjoy or find motivating.

The “Hot Girl Walk,” according to Bates, also correlates with what is known about the physiological advantages of exercise and behavioural modification. It is a straightforward and inspiring method to establish a new, healthy habit.


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