Star of ‘Love Is Blind’  Shayne Jansen Unveils His One-Year Body Transformation

Shayne Jansen’s pinballing between two women and that really unpleasant confrontation with his fiancée Natalie Mina Lee contributed to some of the most compelling and cringe-worthy scenes in season two of Love Is Blind. He has now apologized for his behavior on the show on social media, adding, “All I can do is learn from them to be a better man.”

Shayne Jensen

Jansen has been embracing the attention that comes with reality TV popularity, uploading a series of thirst traps and exercise images to Instagram following his famous performance on Netflix’s “social experiment” and subsequent split from Lee.

He posted a video of himself doing out with his Love Is Blind co-star Brandon McGhee after the season premiered, in which they did hanging leg lifts, dips, cable pulldowns, cable flys, and decline pushups. He also flaunted his shredded abs by posing for a photo in a white crop top earlier this month, and he even contributed to the “model walk” fitness fad on TikTok.

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However, Jansen’s slender, muscular figure is a recent development: in a new Instagram post, he claimed that he underwent a year-long body transformation before to appearing on Love Is Blind, and included a “before and after” shot. He wrote, “It’s great when you put yourself first and look as good as you feel.” “In a year, I’ve gone a long way, and I can now say I love myself.”

“Perhaps I should finally agree to work out with you,” Nick Thompson, a co-star on season two of Love Is Blind, suggested. Other Netflix reality stars responded to the post, including Joey Sasso and Nick Uhlenhuth from The Circle, as well as comedian James Andre Jefferson Jr., who joked, “Let me get your old clothes set you don’t fit em anymore.” “Congratulations on the hard work!” TikTokker William Sprek added.

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