Scapular Push Ups: Learn Proper Form And Benefits

Push ups are the ultimate full body exercise! Not only do they strengthen your arms, chest, and shoulders, but they also engage your core and back muscles. Plus, there are so many different variations to keep things interesting. Hindu push ups, for example, add an extra challenge by requiring you to alternate between a low and high plank position. And if traditional push ups on the floor are a little too intimidating, you can always try wall push ups instead.

Scapular or Scapula push-ups, also known as scap push-ups, are a simple yet effective exercise for improving shoulder stability and mobility. The serratus anterior muscle, located on the sides of the rib cage, is responsible for keeping the shoulder blades pressed against the upper back. When this muscle is strengthened through scap push-ups, normal scapula motion and shoulder mobility are promoted.

Proper scapula function is important for almost all upper-body movements, including in sports and the weight room, as it helps stabilize the shoulder joint and allows for safe movement of more weight. Repetitive overhead actions can lead to overuse injuries, such as poor movement, pain, and loss of range of motion. Scap push-ups can help prevent these injuries and improve posture.

They can be easily incorporated into a dynamic warm-up routine, particularly before upper-body workouts. The serratus anterior muscle also plays a major role in helping to raise the arms above shoulder height and protects against neck pain. Scapular push-ups help to summon the strength of the serratus anterior and allow the shoulder to work with both strength and a complete range of motion, making it a win-win exercise. If you’re looking to improve your shoulder mobility, scap push-ups are a great option to consider.

How To Do Scapular Push-Ups With Perfect Form

Scapular Push Ups: Learn Proper Form And Benefits

Scapula push ups, also known as scapular push ups or shoulder blade push ups, are a variation of the traditional push up exercise that focuses on strengthening and stabilizing the muscles around the scapula, or shoulder blades. To do scapula push ups, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by getting into a high plank position with your hands placed directly under your shoulders and your toes on the floor.
  2. Keep your body straight and your head in a neutral position, aligned with your spine.
  3. Engage your core and glute muscles to keep your hips from sinking.
  4. Keep your arms extended and bring your shoulder blades together as if you are pinching a pencil between them.
  5. Retract and protract your shoulder blades while lowering your body slightly, keeping the range of motion small and not lowering your chest all the way to the floor.
  6. Hold each repetition for 3-5 seconds, then release and return to the starting position.
  7. Repeat the exercise for the desired number of repetitions.

Scapular Push Ups Muscles Worked

Scapular Push Ups: Learn Proper Form And Benefits

The main muscles worked during scapula push ups are the serratus anterior and the chest, trapezius, rhomboids, and levator scapulae muscles. The core muscles (rectus abdominus and erector spinae) and triceps also act as stabilizers during this exercise. Scapula push ups help to strengthen and stabilize the muscles around the shoulder blades, as well as the chest and upper back. They can also improve muscle balance and posture, and help to reduce the risk of injury.

What Are The Benefits Of Scapular Push Ups?

There are several notable benefits to practicing scapular push-ups.

  1. Improved posture: Scapular push ups can help to strengthen the muscles around the scapula, which can improve posture and prevent slumping or rounding of the shoulders.
  2. Increased upper body strength: This exercise targets the muscles in the shoulders, chest, and arms, helping to increase overall upper body strength.
  3. Enhanced stability: Scapular push ups help to improve stability and control in the shoulder blade region, which can be beneficial for activities that require arm movement, such as sports or lifting weights.
  4. Reduced risk of injury: Stronger shoulder muscles can help to support the joints and reduce the risk of injury during physical activity.
  5. Increased muscle balance: Scapular push ups can help to balance the muscles in the upper body, ensuring that they are all working together efficiently and effectively. This can help to prevent muscle imbalances and improve overall strength and performance.

Take Away:

In conclusion, scapular push ups are a great exercise for strengthening and stabilizing the muscles around the shoulder blades. They can improve posture, increase upper body strength, and enhance stability in the shoulder region. It’s important to maintain proper form and technique when performing scapular push ups to ensure that you are targeting the correct muscles and minimizing the risk of injury. By incorporating scapular push ups into your fitness routine, you can enjoy the many benefits of this exercise and take your upper body strength to the next level.

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