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Lori Harvey Is All Praises For Her Pilates Class: I “Saw the Most Change” In My Body

After her relationship with Michael B. Jordan ended, Lori Harvey is ready to move on and is looking forward to having a “Hot Girl Summer.”

On June 23, the model told E! News, “I’m in a really, really good space,” but she didn’t mention the breakup. “I’m really happy, and I can’t wait for summer. I feel like this is the first summer we don’t really have any rules, like we’re not on lockdown. So I feel terrific!”

Lori Harvey is used to posing for photographers all over the world because she works as a model. But when she showed up at the Met Gala in 2022 in a sleek black dress that showed off her abs, the 25-year-old had a major fashion moment.

Now Lori is revealing details about her exercise and eating routine. It turns out that a Pilates class is where it all starts.

Lori Harvey Is All Praises For Her Pilates Class: I "Saw the Most Change" In My Body

“Most of the time, I go to Forma Pilates. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a Pilates class as hard as that one “Before the grand opening of WAKUDA at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas on June 25, Lori told E! News something that no one else knew. “That’s when my body changed the most. I’m getting better at it, but I still need a trainer to show me all the moves.”

After Lori posted a video on TikTok demonstrating her go-to exercise routine, many of her fans took note and decided to give the mind-body workout a shot. Lori claims that her followers have had positive experiences that are comparable to her own.

“I have had so many girls DM me and say, ‘You were right. This is a game changer. I already see a difference in my body,'” Lori said. “I love when the tips that I give out, people try it and actually like.”

An old knee and lower back issue that Lori has been dealing with recently, according to her, “has been messing with me.” She now concentrates on low-impact exercises like walks and treks in and around Los Angeles.

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Additionally, she is concentrating on sticking to a diet that generally doesn’t exceed 1,800 calories each day. I eat what I want to eat most of the time, but I really just monitor my portion,” Lori remarked. “I make my green juices first thing in the morning. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with overnight oats, so that has been my go-to breakfast.”

Portion control is essential, according to the founder of SKN by LH. And certainly, indulging is acceptable.

The man from Memphis said, “I’ve been really craving soul food lately, but I don’t know if that’s because I’ve been missing home.” “I love hibachi and fried rice. Then anything sweet, like ice cream, pie, or cookies. I have to say something nice to end it.”

Lori went to the grand opening of WAKUDA over the weekend. The second location of Japanese chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s restaurant is at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. Lori really wanted one of his signature dishes before the special dinner.

“Japanese food is my favorite food of all time,” she said. “Sushi is all I need to eat.” She definitely found the right place.


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