How to Use a Machine Chest Fly And How It Works Your Chest

Do you want to alter the shape and form of your body through exercise? Perhaps you’re a sportsperson who wants to enhance your swing or throw. If so, building your chest muscles can help achieve these results.

With so many various types of equipment, though, which one should you go for?

The chest fly machine is frequently neglected in the gym because there are so many different ways to work the pectoral muscles (pectorals). You may, for example, you may do a chest fly with dumbbells or utilize cables. Some people have had excellent outcomes with a pec deck, though it’s often a question of personal preference.

Also Known As: Pec Deck, Pec Fly, Butterfly, Machine Fly, Seated Lever Fly

Targets: Chest

Equipment Needed: Chest fly machine

Level: Beginner

Machine Chest Fly benefits

A chest fly machine or pec deck is a machine that aims to increase strength and muscle mass in the chest. It’s so good that the American Council on Exercise has it as one of the best chest-building exercises.

The pec deck activates your chest and its supporting muscles, particularly your pectoralis major, which is the muscle that allows you to swing your arms together.

A low-slung pec deck, as with a high one, helps to strengthen your core and keep your shoulder blades stable. Your supporting muscles, such as the serratus anterior, are likewise activated when performing a machine fly.

Despite the fact that a pec deck is not the only type of chest exercise, it ranks highly because of its capacity to provide a rigorous chest workout. In comparison to dumbbell chest flyes, machine chest flyes offer a more evenly dispersed resistance curve and a greater degree of constant strain on your chest muscles throughout the full range of motion.

girl doing chest machine fly exercise at gym

How To Use A Chest Fly Machine

  1. Select an appropriate weight for the machine as per your strength level.
  2. Sit on the platform and with your feet flat on the floor, press your back firmly against the platform’s back.
  3. With each hand, grab one handle of the machine. The pec deck/ machine fly may have a resting pad, depending on the model. If that’s the case, place your forearms on each pad. Bend your arms at a 90° angle and keep your elbows close to your chest.
  4. Pull your arms toward your body while tightening your pectoral muscles as you grasp the pec deck handles. Bring the handles or arm pads in front of your chest, hold the position for a few seconds, and then slowly release back to start.
  5. Repeat the desired number of reps.

Machine Fly Tips

Safety is important while using a chest fly machine. It also entails understanding the best breathing methods for getting adequate oxygen to your muscles.

  • Exhale as you pull the handles toward your chest and inhale as you return them to their starting position.
  • If the exercise is too hard, reduce the weight by a small amount to avoid harm.
  • The final repetition should be tough to finish, yet not so difficult that your body sways or rocks.

The Takeaway

The Pec Deck or Machine Fly is a simple and effective way to train your major chest muscles. This exercise can be done with different weights. You may increase or decrease the weight based on your current fitness level. This activity can also strengthen your shoulders and core, in addition to increasing muscle mass in your chest.

If a pec deck is not available, free weights or a cable crossover machine can provide similar benefits since they work the same muscle groups.

Regardless of the equipment chosen, good form is critical to avoid muscular injury. Before starting a new strength training routine, talk to your doctor or physio about guidance if you have a previous muscle injury.

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