‘Bodybuilder boy’ Amir the Hulk dubbed the “NEW Mini Hercules” after Instagram video shows the toddler flaunting his massive muscles.

According to reports, the tanked tot has a condition that causes him to be unable to stop piling on the muscle.

The youngster parades around the house flexing his muscles in a video shared online by his uncle before going viral among bodybuilding enthusiasts on YouTube.

At one point, Amir is asked to flex his abs, chiselled biceps and shoulders, and ripped back.

According to bodybuilding enthusiast Xavier Wills, little Amir is already being compared to Mini Hercules Richard Sandrak, who had a complete six-pack at the age of eight.

Richard also used his incredible flexibility to become a karate master and bend his body into unfathomably contorted positions.

He was once reported to have 1% body fat, which is potentially fatally low.

Xavier cited a post by Amir’s uncle, who explained that the toddler had Berardinelli Seip and a lack of Myostatin.

Amir the little bodybuilder

Berardinelli Seip is a rare genetic disorder that causes near total body fat loss and extreme muscularity at birth. Amir’s fat is instead stored in his organs, liver, and muscles, which explains why he has such a slim physical appearance.

Myostatin is a critical protein that prevents us from gaining too much muscle mass. Its absence can result in muscle overdevelopment.

Amir isn’t the only kid who has made headlines for his or her amazing physique.

Richard Sandark displaying his muscular physique
Richard Sandark was dubbed ‘Little Hercules’ and became a celebrity at the age of eight

Tristyn Lee rose to prominence after fans noticed his gladiator-like physique in videos he posted online.

The teen had hoped that clips of him showing off his impressive football skills at the age of 15 would catch the attention of scouters.

Instead, he was inundated with comments about becoming a professional bodybuilder, and he’s since amassed a sizable following on Instagram, where he has over 2 million followers.

Tristyn Lee showing off his muscular body

The American teen has even posted workout videos with bodybuilders such as Bradley Martyn, Simeon Panda, and Larry Wheels.

Then there’s Gage Gregurich, who starred in the 2016 TLC documentary Baby Bodybuilders, which profiled young athletes competing in competitions.

He boasted that he could lift “more than any other kid who is 12 and under and weighs 66lb in this universe or any other universe.”

He went on to say that he began powerlifting when he was nine years old because “my dad was going to the gym and I wanted to go too.”

Then there’s Giuliano Stroe from Romania, who became a global sensation after being inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records at the age of five.

Giuliano, now 17, is all grown up in a Facebook photo, holding a picture of himself when he set his first record in 2009, when he was only five years old.

The boy set a new record for the fastest 33-foot hand-walk while wearing a weighted ball on his legs.

The stunt was performed live on Italian television in front of a live audience.

A year later, he broke the world record for the most 90-degree push-ups.

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