The Highlights of Sevan Matossian’s Interview with Dave Castro

Dave Castro has returned to his position as an employee at CrossFit HQ and has already been interviewed to discuss the events that took place and the plans for the company’s future. You may listen to the most important parts of his interview on the Sevan Podcast.

Sevan Matossian is a former host of the official CrossFit podcast and has been doing his own independent podcast centered around CrossFit for the past few years. Both Sevan and Dave have spent years working at CrossFit Inc., and during that time, they have created a certain kind of camaraderie with one another. It should come as no surprise that Castro granted Sevan the privilege of doing his very first interview.

Check out the most important parts of that episode if you don’t feel like sitting through the one hour and forty minutes of chat that the two of them had with one another.

Dave Castro was surprised at being fired

In the first week of January of this year, Dave Castro was terminated from his position. According to him, the news that he was fired by the company came out of the blue because he hadn’t spoken with Eric Roza, who was the new CEO of CrossFit at the time, for three years prior to receiving the news. And when the two of them spoke to one another, it was with the intention of breaking the disappointing news.

Dave mentioned he was taken aback and had no idea that it was going to happen.”

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Why Dave Castro Made the Choice to Return to the Game

Castro claims that as soon as he was let go from his position at CrossFit, there was an outpouring of support from a variety of different groups within the CrossFit community, including the staff, athletes, and trainers. He stated that as a result of that, he experienced feelings of appreciation and belonging within the community.

Dave Castro’s New Profile in the company

Sevan questioned Castro about his new position at the corporation even though the announcement of his return had since been made official.

The Highlights of Sevan Matossian's Interview with Dave Castro

According to Castro, he answers to acting CEO Alison Andreozzi. I’m an advisor to the CEO and several members of the executive team, and I’ll also represent HQ as a community ambassador by getting out there and engaging with the locals.

Only five months after being fired, Castro does not view his return to CrossFit as a publicity gimmick. “I’ll create, and craft, and expand or modify and adjust the role as needed.”

Participation of Dave Castro in the CrossFit Games and Future Programming

Dave says it was devastating to see the CrossFit Games taken away from him when he was dismissed because he views them as his child, something he built from the ground up. I had a plan that was hastened and put on me to finally let the baby go, he added.

Crossfit games

Castro believes it was a mistake to fire him without having someone who has received the necessary training take over the CrossFit event programming. “I shouldn’t have been let go without that being taken into consideration in terms of, well there should be some grooming transition or some grooming of someone to take this over,” the employee said.

Castro said that he wasn’t sure if he will be a part of the programming for next CrossFit events or even the Games. “I promised [Adrian] Bozman] I’d be a resource or an asset, there for him in any way he needed,” Bozman said. The director of CrossFit competitions is Adrian Bozman.

On Allegations of CrossFit Protecting Athletes from Drug Testing

Castro declares, “The protecting of athletes thing in terms of drugs is stupid,” and adds that he would go above and above to ensure that individuals like Dan Bailey, Rich Froning, and Mat Fraser would consistently be tested.

As much as we were able to at the time, “we’d go out of our way to make sure that those who are the stars get checked on a regular basis.”

Castro declared that he would test the top athletes every week for the entire year, if the funding permitted.

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